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Our think tank, led by passionate and dedicated youth, provides evidence-based research on critical issues such as national defence, the use of sanctions, extremism, and threats to democracy worldwide. We are committed to educating Canadians and the global community about the dangers facing our democratic institutions and principles. Through rigorous analysis, public engagement, and strategic advocacy, we aim to inform policy decisions and foster a resilient, informed society capable of defending democracy against its adversaries. Our work empowers individuals and nations to recognize and address the challenges to freedom and democracy in an increasingly complex world.

Our Mission

For decades, democratic and free market societies have provided humanity with the most excellent quality of life. These foundational principles are continually threatened and must be protected at all costs. Nations that uphold these values have a moral obligation to assist other countries in adopting and preserving them. Our mission is to defend and promote these ideals, ensuring that democracy and economic freedom thrive globally for the betterment of all people. We are committed to educating, advocating, and taking action to protect the principles that have proven to enhance human life and dignity.

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