About the Canadian Institute for Defence of Democracies

The Canadian Institute for Defence of Democracies (CIDD) is a student-run think tank based in Toronto, Ontario. The institute was founded in 2023, as a reaction to the current political climate, with democracy faltering around the world and authoritarian regimes becoming more prevalent. CIDD aims to educate the general public and policymakers on ways Canada can promote democracy at home and abroad by providing unique perspectives from young leaders. CIDD is independent and non-partisan. CIDD allows young leaders to hone their critical thinking, research, and advocacy skills.

Our Mission

The world currently faces a multitude of overlapping crises, with threats to democracy being at the root of all of them. CIDD hopes to promote and protect democratic values, principles, and institutions by urging the Canadian government to take action. Through education and advocacy, CIDD seeks to empower Canadians in hopes of defending our democracy and democracies worldwide. Our mission is to provide resources and in-depth analyses of the current risks to democracy to ensure the public is well-educated and informed.


The CIDD Team

CIDD’s work is supported by an ambitious group of young leaders passionate about geopolitics and promoting principles of liberty. Our team includes young professionals and students from prestigious universities across the world.