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About CIDD

The Canadian Institute for Defence of Democracies (CIDD) is a think tank based in Toronto, Ontario. Established in 2023 in response to the current global political climate, characterized by the decline of democracy and the rise of authoritarian regimes, CIDD is committed to advancing democratic values. Our mission is to provide valuable insights to the public and policymakers regarding Canada’s role in promoting democracy domestically and internationally. Managed by early career professionals and youth, CIDD offers distinct perspectives contributing to informed discourse on crucial issues. Our non-partisan and independent approach enables young leaders to cultivate critical thinking, research, and advocacy skills, fostering a stronger foundation for democratic engagement.

CIDD presents an exciting opportunity for students and recent graduates with a keen interest in politics to build connections, showcase their creative ideas, and influence public policy.

All positions are remote and unpaid. However, events will be held in person.

Available Roles

Foreign Policy Analyst (Multiple Positions available, Part-time and Full-Time Options):

As a Foreign Policy Analyst at CIDD, you will analyze geopolitical issues concerning democracy, sanctions, extremism, and national defence. Your role involves thorough research, analysis, and critical evaluation of geopolitical developments, helping us understand the complex interplay of factors influencing foreign policies. Through your insights, you’ll provide valuable contributions to the organization’s goal of promoting democracy. This will include writing blog posts and publishing scholarly articles.


We welcome students and new graduates who possess a strong interest in geopolitical matters and share our unwavering commitment to safeguarding and advancing democracy. Aspiring members should be driven by the desire to critically engage with global issues and contribute to informed discussions on foreign policy. Our community values diverse perspectives and aims to provide a platform for individuals who are passionate about making a positive impact.

How to Apply

Apply by filling in the form! Please attach your resume to the form.