Behzad Hakim

President and Executive Director

Behzad Hakim, an alumnus of Toronto Metropolitan University, holds a Bachelor of Commerce in Finance. His professional journey has been marked by significant accomplishments, particularly in the field of strategic finance and sales within the consumer goods sector. Alongside his professional achievements, Behzad has a profound passion for history. The Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan and the Russian invasion of Ukraine significantly impacted Behzad, fueling his dedication to safeguarding democratic values. Recognizing that many people often take democracy for granted, he founded the Canadian Institute for Defence of Democracies. As Executive Director, Behzad is committed to educating Canadians about the threats to democracy and developing policy solutions to protect its principles. Behzad serves as the Secretary-General for the Youth Atlantic Treaty Association of Canada and works in Engagement Relations at the NATO Association of Canada. He focuses on educating individuals about the international rules-based order, the essence of democracy, and the importance of national security.